What are the issues of an electronic certification ? Regardless of where you are in the world, SSL Europa supports you and helps you define the right solution for your needs.

Protecting a website, a corporate intranet, extranet for providers, a consumer e-commerce website ? SSL Certificate DV, EV or OV ? SAN or Wildcard ? Certified electronic signature key RGS*, RGS** or RGS***? What impact has the eIDAS standard for electronic exchanges between European companies ? You are a digital startup, an industrial group or public service, which solution to choose?

SSL Europa has a team of experts to ensure an appropriate response and personalised service, whatever the size of your business and your business sector.

Free audit and consulting

SSL Europa offers a complete range of solutions among the best in the market to meet the needs of different types of businesses. Whatever your business and your IT environment issue, we are able to offer the ideal solution.

By contacting SSL Europa, you have a free first-level audit and free advice issued by phone, email or even on site. Tell us your specific requirements and our experts will guide you to identify and select the solution.

Assurance Sérénité, a 24/7 extended full support

SSL Europa supports you not only in choosing the right solution for your business, but also in the installation, implementation, use of your certificates and the resolution of incidents.

The Assurance Sérénité is a complementary customer service contract, offering full support and guidance throughout the year. With Assurance Sérénité you can access to unlimited SSL Europa commercial and technical support, whatever the nature of your request.

The technical support is available 24/7, in French or English, and is committed to resolving your problem within 48 hours. Thanks to high-performance products and the SSL Europa Assurance Sérénité, your company will have the best solution to easily and efficiently manage the certification and security of dematerialised environments.


SSL Europa technologie

A trusted third party is a person or entity implementing certificates based on the architectures of Public Key Infrastructures or PKI.
SSL Europa is based in France and provides SSL certificates and electronic signature certificates.
Today, more than 3 000 customers in 36 countries already trust SSL Europa for securing and dematerialising sensitive data.
Closer to its customers, SSL Europa develops since its creation a network of reseller partners and Delegated Registration Authority.


The electronic signature is used for signing electronic contract documents on behalf of a legal entity (contract, purchase order, invoice, pay slip … ) without having to print it.

It meets with the growing demand from companies looking mainly to simplify and accelerate the processing and validation of an act or service .

The electronic signature ensures document integrity, authentication of the author, and also provides non-repudiation function.

The electronic signature has many benefits :
• Reduced file processing and decision making time
• Saving paper,
• Reduced postage,
• Simple, fast,
• Creating a digital archiving system.




The confidentiality of information exchanged on the Web is increasingly difficult to preserve. Cybercrime and economic intelligence is constantly increasing, seriously jeopardizing companies.
Through an often ill-defined digital approach, many companies still manage sensitive data and exchange dematerialise documents without considering the importance of protecting them.
However, the integrity of documents and information, but also the protection of sensitive data, should be subject to special attention, through the establishment of a digital business policy.
SSL Europa aims to make the web a universe of trust.
Thus, as an innovation company, SSL Europa develops complementary technologies to secure exchanges in the digital economy.
SSL Europa provides security solutions for the development of means of protection and control in organisations.


Express service !

You want to certify your website urgently?
You must file a tender within 48 hours ?
Send an act of commitment in 36 hours ?

Benefit of the express service production and of the delivery of SSL certificates and electronic signatures RGS compatible on all platforms of public contracts.

Please contact SSL Europa at +33 9 88 99 54 09.