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Electronic signature certificate

The digital signature is a mechanism to authenticate the author of an electronic document and ensure its integrity, by analogy with the handwritten signature of a paper document.

Functionality garanties

  • Authentication: the identity of the signatory must be found able in a sure way.
  • Not falsifiable: the signature cannot be falsified. Somebody cannot be passed for the other one.
  • Not reusable: the signature is not reusable. It is a part of the signed document and cannot be moved on another one.
  • Not alterable: a signed document as to stay unchanged during its life duration. When it is signed, it can't be changed whatever the reason.
  • Irrevocable: the person who signed can't deny it.


  • RGS Certificate for Authentication and Signature
  • Validity period from 1 to 3 years
  • Certification to the standards of the RGS (audited by LSTI)
  • Certificate on a cryptographic support IAS ECC
  • Hash algorithm: SHA 2
  • Recognized authority root by Adobe® and Microsoft Office®

Certificates RGS** are necessarily delivered in person. It allows to control the identity of the holder of the electronic certificate. Once we receive of the elements required for the issuance of the certificate in accordance with General Safety Certificate Repository, your certificate is produced within 48 hours then we contact you to settle the hand-delivery at your convenience.