JEMM Vision is a network of independent analysts on strategic research and business analysis in information technology. JEMM Vision’s area of expertise is information security, enterprise architecture, outsourcing and IT strategy. JEMM Vision supports the Information Systems Directors from businesses and communities to optimise their information system on an economic, ecological and structural stand-point. JEMM Vision also helps IT suppliers to understand and analyse their target markets to promote their offers and maximise their chances of success



The G.C.I.C is a multi-disciplinary group.

It aims to promote the synergy between its different its different areas of expertise in order to economic intelligence resources. GCIC does this with a forward and transverse approach; aligning with the best interest of the company and the territory’s general policy.



RuleIS is a digital transformation consulting firm. RuleIS helps leaders decide and implement changes in their organisation to deal with the digital revolution. It supports them in adapting their strategy in 3 areas : informations asset, digital connection and value generation. RuleIS provides methods and tools for structuring a transverse organisation adapted to information and communication management problems.